Difference with M2Eclipse

At the beginning, I'm a user of M2Eclipse. And when in my work I had to prepare a new new java development environnement, based on Eclipse, I naturally included M2Eclipse in our bundle. After some tests, we found some bugs, and because we had no choice, found some workarounds.

When we were ready, we deployed our work, and after some times, the team which used this new environnement declared that they wouldn't use the M2Eclipse plugin and explained us all problems they found

After I read this conclusion, I examined the source code of M2Eclipse project, and I found it very complex for our needs. I read comments on forums, and Jira, and because I didn't understand the rationale behind the complicated code, I tried to rework this plugin by dropping all the complicated code.

Goals of M4Eclipse

The goals of this project isn't to take place of long term "big players" like M2Eclipse or iQ4E, but just to solve the immediate problems to have a working eclipse plugin now.

M2Eclipse and Q4E are based on maven-embedder 2.1-SNAPSHOT. And this embedder does not always have the same dependencies resolution as Maven 2.0.7.

In my work, I need a Maven Eclipse plugin wich works fine with Maven 2.0.x (at this moment 2.0.7), so I forked M2Eclipse, simplified it, based it on Maven 2.0.7 (and corrected some bugs). And publish this temporary plugin.

At this moment, my little fork works fine, and gives the same dependency tree like Maven 2.0.7.

Solved bugs from M2Eclipse

This bugs list is not complete, it's only the bug list that my customers explained to me.

this bug list are very basic, and not complete. We can add some bugs with search dependency feature, and many others, but it is not essential for the correct use of the dependency management in Eclipse.